Reasons for Massage Therapists to Purchase SOAP Notes Software

SOAP, or subjective, objective, assessment, and plan, notes are used widely within the healthcare industry to write out information in patients’ charts. Massage therapists use them extensively to keep track of patient information; however, keeping track of these notes can cause a good deal of stress. Read on to find out how purchasing dedicated SOAP Notes Software designed just for massage therapists can help.

Reduce Stress

Writing treatment notes constitutes arguably one of the most time-consuming and unpleasant parts of running a massage therapy business. Purchasing dedicated software that makes this process easier can dramatically reduce the amount of stress that massage therapists are under when it comes to taking accurate notes, helping them to focus more on patient treatment.

Maintain Accurate Records

Keeping track of patient notes using paper-based filing systems takes up a lot of space and is simply impractical. Managing and organizing these records takes a lot of time and it can be quite challenging, but it is an essential task. Downloading software to help keep track of all those patient notes digitally can help massage therapists ensure that they are maintaining accurate records while simultaneously cutting back on the amount of clutter in their offices by reducing or even eliminating the need for filing cabinets.

Multiple Templates

There are several different templates available to facilitate patient information management, most of which require no typing at all. Massage therapists can simply input some basic information into a template then let their software do all the rest of the work. This takes them significantly less time and ensures that the final notes will be organized, legible, detailed, and professional.

Ability to Easily Share Information

Often more than one healthcare professional requires access to notes regarding a patient’s treatment and care. It can take these practitioners quite some time to sort through hand-written SOAP notes and decipher their colleagues’ handwriting. When all of that information is kept conveniently organized using dedicated software, everyone who requires access to patient notes will have an easier time accessing them and reading them, helping to improve the overall patient experience while simultaneously creating less work for massage therapy professionals and their teams.