Marks Of Time: These Factors Give Away Your True Age-The Eyebrows

Look in the mirror one morning and you may find that your eyebrows are a thing of the past. As a person ages, his or her eyebrows tend to fade and hair growth slows. This may leave a person bald in this area, but there are ways to counteract the process. Women often use more mascara to cover up the problem or make use of a brow pencil. However, sparse eyebrows can make other problems with the eyes more noticeable, such as crow’s feet. What can a woman do to thicken her eyebrows and draw attention away from problem areas?

Watch the Waxing and Tweezing

Waxing and tweezing, over a period of time, tend to damage the hair follicles. To ensure the brows don’t become too thin, consult with a professional. Learn how to shape the brows without harming them. Don’t hesitate to ask how best to use an eyebrow pencil to cover up any damage that has already occurred. The professional will be more than happy to provide this information, allowing you to look your best at all times.

Try a New Mascara

People often find a mascara they love and stick with it for life or until the manufacturer quits making it. This tends to be a mistake. As a woman ages, she needs to turn to a thickening mascara, as the eyelashes become thinner with time. In addition, two coats of mascara should be used. When applying the first one, move the brush from side to side while moving up the lashes. The second coat should be applied from the base to the tips in a straight line. Doing so makes the lashes look thicker and fuller.

When it comes to the Marks Of Time: These Factors Give Away Your True Age, the eyebrows need to be a focus. Don’t let yours become too thin or light, as doing so makes you appear older. Take the time to fill in the brows and use mascara to bring attention to the eyes themselves. By doing this, you can look and feel younger. If this isn’t enough, don’t hesitate to call on a cosmetic surgeon. He or she will be able to make recommendations on procedures that can help your eyes shine under any circumstances.