How Neglecting Oral Health Affects Overall Health

The vast majority of the population avoids going to the dentist. People will hesitate to make appoints when that little postcard comes in the mail that indicates it is time for another cleaning or checkup. Some may make the appointment, only to cancel it as it gets closer. There are a few reasons this happens.


Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist. They are afraid any procedure will hurt. Some cannot stand the noise of a dental drill. Others are convinced there will be cavities that will need to be filled. That just means another appointment and more anxiety. Keep in mind that modern techniques are less painful and less invasive than ever before.


There are currently more people without dental insurance than there are people who have some sort of coverage. Just like going to the doctor, a dentist appointment is expensive. People will cancel an appointment if they do not have the money to pay for the appointment.

There is an alternative to dental insurance. Dental plans operate on a membership basis. Individuals or families pay an annual membership fee in exchange to access to dentists that offer ten to sixty percent off services. As long as people go to a dentist in the network, they will benefit from membership. Those interested in dental plans can find more info here.


Whatever the reason, neglecting oral health will lead to a decline in overall health. Infections, for example, will spread through the blood system if not treated. The situation can result in the bloodstream becoming septic. The infection then effects the entire body.

A cavity that is not filled will cause excruciating pain and interfere with keeping diabetes under control. It can also cause heart problems due to the stress on the body. The immune system will decline because eating will be too painful. Teeth will rot and start to fall out.

In short, the costs of taking proper care of the teeth are minor compared to the monetary and physical costs that result from prolonged neglect of the mouth and teeth. Make that appointment and keep it this time. Save money by cutting back on unnecessary spending.