Genetic Testing Made Affordable by Pathway Genomics

Genetic testing for serious medical conditions can be expensive. Reports are complicated and can typically only be understood by doctors and researchers. There are many aspects of DNA that can be helpful to individuals in efforts to remain healthy. Targeted genetic testing is available via easy to use kits that are accessible and affordable.


There are two tests that can help people determine how their bodies respond to foods, what type of diet is optimal for their genetics, and what kind of exercises will result in developing strength and endurance. Genetics can be used to determine the best overall fitness plan that will keep the body healthy and fit well into old age.

The results can allow people to alter eating habits, revise their exercise plan to get better results, and make informed decisions about their lifestyles. An individual may decide to try a Paleo diet to stay away from refined sugar if a sweet tooth is indicated. An increase in foods with vitamin B12 may be a precaution to prevent a deficiency.

Easy Kits

Kits can be requested online or purchased at some pharmacies. Sample collection instructions are clear and easy to understand. A prepaid envelope is in the kit so customers do not have to cover costs to send off the sample to Pathway Genomics. Clear and concise analysis reports are available in six weeks time.

Most insurances require a pre-authorization form to cover those costs. A co-pay may be required from the individual. Medicare may or may not cover the test. Forms can be found on the website. Those who are paying out of pocket can see if they qualify for financial assistance. That information is also online.

Other Possibilities

DNA testing is offered to inform people about their skin type and responses to environmental stress. Dry skin may be part of the natural aging process. Knowing that allows people to begin using a hydrating moisturizer in their twenties to avoid deeper wrinkles in their fifties. Sun protection needs, propensity for dark spots, and susceptibility to allergies and irritations can also be determined. Healthy weight DNA insights and hereditary cancer tests are also available, among many others.